New Air Strike item coming to Fortnite

New Air Strike item coming to Fortnite

18th June 2019 0 By FortniteDaily

New Air Strike item coming to Fortnite

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New Air Strike item coming to Fortnite

The leaks keep on rolling in today and now we have a new item being showcased as well.

Fortnite leaker FortTory found this new item in the game files and then modeled it in the game client to show what the item will do in game.

While more explosives usually aren’t a good thing being added to Fortnite, this item doesn’t seem to be overpowered with such a small blast radius.

We don’t have damage stats for the item yet so that may turn out to be false but based on this clip it doesn’t appear to be as absurd.

With a name like “Air Strike” the potential for an OP addition to the game was high.

Here’s a slower version of the rocket to get a better idea of how this item will work:

This item could be added as soon as next week, but we did also get another leaked item during this patch so Air Strike could be on hold for another week after as we get the Drum Shotgun this week.

Technically there could be two new items added next week, but it seems more likely that Epic is stocking up content for 14 Days of Summer.

When 14 Days of Fortnite happened over the Winter, those days were also an extended vacation for Epic Games staff.

It seems likely this 14-day stretch will also be a vacation and they want to have new content ready to load into the game without staff needing to be in the offices.

Are you excited for Air Strike to be added to the game? How powerful do you think the item will end up being?

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