The diggers have now moved to Loot Lake. What is happening?

The diggers have now moved to Loot Lake. What is happening?

15th April 2019 0 By FortniteDaily

In the latest update, Look Lake is now surrounded by diggers. What does this mean for Season 8 and what could this mean for the upcoming Season 9?

Diggers are now surrounding Loot Lake

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen dig sites across the Fortnite Map setup as new excavation sites similar to that of Dusty Divot and the newly found dig site near Loot Lake.

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Fortnite's third Dig Site location finally revealed
Dig Site in Loot Lake

Recently leaks suggested that there will be major changes at different POI across the map. It is rumoured that Dusty Divot will be completely excavated, and with the recent update, where diggers in Loot Lake can be found, it is also rumoured that Loot Lake will also undergo a big change in the coming weeks.

What are the Dig Sites in Loot Lake / Dusty Divot?

A recent leak from popular Fortnite data miner S1l0x, Dusty Divot will undergo a massive change – with the changes also affecting the immediate area around the divot. These changes will come through ‘Dig Sites‘.

Leak suggested by s1l0x

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At this time, we are unsure of where this is going. There are also additional Dig Sites found elsewhere in the map, like the site found at the bridge in the dry land area.

More Fortnite map changes coming following Dusty Divot dig site leak
Dig Site in Fortnite

Are the new excavation sites related to an upcoming event? Or could they be related to new POI which will be released in Season 9?

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