Reboot van is coming to Fortnite – revive eliminated team mates!

Reboot van is coming to Fortnite – revive eliminated team mates!

10th April 2019 0 By FortniteDaily

The Reboot Van is coming to Fortnite, and soon, players will be able to re-spawn eliminated team mates, similar to that of Apex Legends!

Reboot Van is coming to Fortnite, soon you will be able to respawn eliminated team mates!

There was talks and leaks of a ‘Reboot Van’ coming to Fortnite, and in the recent Fortnite news feed, Epic Games confirmed that you will soon be able to “Revive eliminated squadmates at a Reboot Van”

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This is a feature that is currently included in Apex Legends. Some are saying that the new update, is a rip off, of Apex, however, we welcome the update, as there is nothing worse that loosing a squad member at the start of a game!

What is Reboot Van in Fortnite?

Across the map, we will see multiple ‘Reboot Vans’ in different locations. They will be parked up. When a team mate is eliminated, included in the loot they drop, will be a ‘respawn card’. This card can be collected, and taken to a Reboot Van, which will allow the opportunity to bring back an eliminated squad member, from the dead (so to speak)!

When the card is used in the Re-spawn Van, a beacon will light up the van, and a sound will be played, which will alert near by enemies, that a player has just respawned. The respawned player, will spawn on top of the Reboot Van, with no weapons, and is free to continue playing Fortnite!

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When will the Respawn Van be added to Fortnite?

At this stage, we do not know the exact date, but what we do know is, Epic Games confirmed the feautres will be included in the next v8.30 Fortnite update. This means Epic Games may decide to roll out for that update, or prolong the Reboot Van ability until any bugs and issues are ironed out!

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