It looks like Fortnite might have a GUN GAME LTM coming …… (NEW LEAK)

It looks like Fortnite might have a GUN GAME LTM coming …… (NEW LEAK)

10th April 2019 0 By FortniteDaily

There’s another leak that suggest’s Fortnite may soon have its own Reverse Gun Game coming as a LIMITED TIME MODE game!

Leak Suggestion by FortTory!

As you can see by the tweet above by FortTory, we may just see an update that includes a reverse gun game, as suggested by code found in game!

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How amazing would it be to play a ‘Gun Game’ style LTM which will test your ability across ALL guns, not just your favourite!

The leak was found in the v8.20 update but has no date that suggest’s when the LTM Reverse Gun Game may begin!

We have seen these game modes across other games, Call of Duty being one of the most popular, although this style would be reversed, guessing that means we may start with the better guns and work backwards….

What do you think about having a Reverse Gun Game LTM in Fortnite? Is this something you would enjoy playing? Let us know in the comments!

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